Problem with Hori RAP V3-SA PCB


Hi there everyone! I’m having problems with a Hori V3-SA stick, can you guys give me a hand right now? The setup was the Hori PCB + Brawlpad PCB + Imp v2, but at one point the L2 button started acting up, after checking in a PC, it was marked as always on when in 360 mode, and flickering on and off when in PS3 mode. I desoldered the USB cable from the Imp, and all connections between the Hori PCB and the other 2 PCBs, to try to return to the original point, but after doing that, my computer won’t recognize the stick anymore, and trying with a tester in the Hori PCB, there’s around 7.2V going around when it’s supposed to give a reading of about 4.7V. The buttons work fine and V goes down to 0 when pressed, except for the one giving problems, which gives a constant reading of 0.10-0.12, not mattering if the button is pressed or not. Do you guys have any clues of what might be happening in here? Because all these symptoms look very weird…


It will probably help if you post a picture of your work, it sounds like there is (at least intermittently) a short on L2.