Problem with Hori SCV stick modded with a ChImp


So the stick that I’ve had for a few years now seems to be having problems now, specifically with going into 360 mode. Even if I flash the ChImp with different firmware, the stick refuses to switch to 360, even if I plug it in directly into a 360 console. What it does instead is that the home button flashes for a split second, then dies and doesn’t connect. Is the 360 PCB dead or something? If so Imma just buy a brook universal board.


Here’s the pic of the PCB just in case.


Something similar happened to me before with a Hori Fighting Stick VX also modded with a ChImp.
In my case, the ChImp worked fine on PS3/PC, and the stock FSVX PCB worked fine on its own when connected directly to the 360. It appeared that I fried something (via a static shock through the edge of the metal top-panel) on the ChImp that prevented it from switching over to the 360 PCB.

I ended up buying another ChImp for the project, and it worked fine. The “fried” ChImp still worked properly as a PS3 controller, so I just kept it around for that.


I dunno how exactly I would fry it, since I rarely open it. Even so, I’m willing to replace the PCB myself, but the problem is, there’s no diagrams online as to where the top panel buttons go to so I don’t know where to put wires. This stick also has a weird problem with UNIEL too now, where it would immediately skip the opening scene causing an audio problem where the opening song plays in the background till it ends. This stick has so many issues man I swear…


You can just follow the traces, or just poke around with a multimeter.

That’s the first I’ve ever heard of a stick causing a game to glitch up… that’s really messed up.


Yeah it’s really dumb. But yeah I can’t simply just follow the wires since there’s more wires connecting to the top panel than there are buttons so it’s a little confusing. For the multimeter, I don’t have one nor do I know how to use one. I might just try to follow how Kuya Joe soldered my stick and see where everything was mapped on the ChImp.