Problem with Hori V3 SA PCB


I have a Hori V3 SA PCB that I want to use without the turbo panel. Unfortunately, without the turbo panel plugged into the board, it automatically switches turbo on for all buttons. Is there any way to disable the turbo feature entirely on the main PCB?


Can’t help you there, BUT if you’d put up a picture of the PCB and all its components somebody else MIGHT be able to help you…

There are electricians and electrical engineers who could figure out the circuit board and make suggestions but you need to put up a picture first!


Do you accidentally hit the Turbo button a lot?


i did this a week ago.
just ground everything from the turbo panel (i remember there were 9 pins, if you can take a pic i can help you)

so when grounded it worked as DP (wonderful) and non turbo buttons :smiley: