Problem with HRAP3

Let me explain myself, when i’m playing (online, offilne, training mode), if i standing fierce then i cancel to fierce dp(only pressing R1/Fierce punch button), sometimes i get standing fierce, jab shoryuken :S what the hell is wrong with my HRAP 3?

By the way i’m a Super Turbo Player.

hard to say honestly, with out looking at both you playing SF with your hrap 3 and your arcade stick it self.

9 times out of ten this is a move execution mistake and nothing wrong with the game or the hardware

Well darksakul… this is happening since i changed the hori buttons for sanwa buttons, is not happening all the time maybe two times out of ten, but this issue sometimes affects my gameplay because sometimes i want use fierce shoryuken as an antiair but i have jab shoryuken instead fierce version.

i thought i was doing a negative edge jab dp, but i made my experiment and i only used my ring finger just pressing R1/Fierce Punch button.