Problem with IL competition stick, red tab on microswitch clicks twice when hit


ok, i bought 2 IL comp sticks

one works fine,

but on 1 of them, when its mounted and bolted down to wood, when I move the joystock left or down, I can hear the red tab of the microswitch hitting twice if I push the stick in slowly… which you probably know you don’t want… one time I had that problem on another stick, but it was an issue with the microswitch… so I replaced it and the tab only clicked once when that direction was hit…

so i’m thinking, maybe on my new IL, the 2 switches are screwed… so I take them out, by themselves if I hit the red tab, it will only click once like normal, but as soon as I put the same switch back on the stick, it double clicks

Why do I want this fixed?

this is what it causes:
when on the super turbo select screen, you hit up on the stick, and randomly (i’d say about 25% of the time), the cursor will go right back down… i’m sure this will effect gameplay.

ie: you select ken, you hit up to select to ryu, it automatically goes back to ken immediately

and I believe there is sometimes a problem jumping backwards when on the 1P side (again random)

was also having the problem on the same stick, it wasn’t letting me jump up sometimes (not sure if the top microswitch was doing the same thing, but its not stuck now and the jumping problem is fixed after playing on it.

this is a new IL, and I did not unscrew anything to mess with internally like the spring. I have also played for awhile on it so its broken in. I have also replaced the two microswitches - no change.

I have a few ideas what to try, but wondering if anyone has experienced this problem?


EDIT: problem appears to be with the actuator because when I replace it, the problem goes away.