Problem with JLF Harness, I think

I am currently wiring up my new custom with a MC Retro PCB to the Sanwa JLF thru the harness. I have everything wired up to the correct points on the terminal but when I went to test it on my computer (Windows OS), the stick only registers the UP command…and when I wiggle it up/left and up/right, it registers those diagonals, but not the solid left and right directions. It doesn’t even register down at all.

I have tested the PCB by routing the different direction points to a random button and yeah, when i press that button for each direction, it works. So, it’s not the PCB.

Is there maybe something wrong with the actual JLF circuit? I have not tried directly soldering to the microswitches on the JLF, but I don’t really wanna have to go through that option (defeats the purpose of purchasing a harness in the first place).

Has anyone else had this problem?

Oh…wait. ARGH. I figured it out.

I thought the RED was ground. When it is BLACK.

Can anyone quickly post what each of the corresponding directions the colors are on a standard JLF harness?

Ahhh, thanks.

I just trial and error’d it til I got it right.

black is always ground :stuck_out_tongue: