Problem with JLF

So I built a custom stick last fall that has seen its fair share of playing since its completion. I originally played 3s consistently and dabbled in ST, MvC2, & CvS2 but once STHDR came out I have played at least 4 days out of the week for a few hours. I’ve just recently returned to playing shoto characters and my can’t throw a fireball for the life of me. At first I thought it was because I had been playing as Guile for so long I lost my ability to consistently throw a Haduken (I was a Ken player in 3s). Then I thought maybe I was just used to the speed of 3s compared to ST but I went back to 3s and I barely can get fireballs to come out there too.

How quickly do JLF’s go bad?

I’m pretty sure that its not registering the inputs on qcf down to right. Are there any programs for a computer that will test if inputs are being dropped?

I just don’t want to take my stick apart and install a new JLF if its not the problem.

Also do PSone pads go bad? maybe my pcb is shitting out on me.

You can go to control panel > game controllers to see inputs for any controller you have plugged in (click your controller, then properties). But a stick only has 4 inputs, up down left and right. There’s no reason for it to drop diagonals if you can still hit each of the cardinal directions. Also, JLFs last longer than that. What are you using to convert from psone to pc/ps3/360/whatever?

I’m using the converter from Laugh, can’t remember what its called off the top of my head but its one of the best ones. Plus it was doing the same thing on my Ps2 > DC converter too. I’ll hook it up to my computer and check the inputs. Maybe its my pcb.

If you have CVS2 or Alpha Anthology you can check the input display in the training menu. I’m also currently having this problem with one of my sticks where it will register down or right directional inputs individually but won’t register them at the same time for a diagonal (down + right) input, thus I can’t execute a qcf motion. Anyone else had this problem before and know what might be the possible cause(s) of it?