Problem with Mad Catz SE (for PC)

When I’m in the middle of playing my last two buttons on the bottom row randomly cut out (my HK and KKK button if i used that one.) I swapped out the first six buttons for sanwa buttons and left the last two alone. Its not a wiring issue because the last one has not been modded, and if I just exit the game, unplug the joystick, and plug it back in everything works fine. Any idea what the problem is? It seems to be a USB problem, but I’ve switched it to different ports thinking maybe something was wrong with the one it was plugged in to, but they all seem to be doing it. It doesnt happen often, but as an akuma player I really need that HK. Oh and its the xbox 360 version I’m using.

sounds like a faulty PCB. I had the same thing happen on a TE before. One button would cut out occasionally.