Problem with Madcatz TE buttons


What’s up guys, if there is already an answer or quick fix for this, sorry but I didn’t find it…

Anywho, I’ve had my Madcatz TE stick for a few months now. I’m a long time pad player just making the switch and I’m finally feeling comfortable with it. Unfortunately, I sometimes have problems with my MP button sticking. Basically every once in a while, the button will stay slightly pressed down then pop back up resulting in an accidental MP.

Can I sploosh a little WD40 on it and have my problems go away or do I need to replace the button?



no wd40

take the button apart and wipe it down, see if that works first


You probably have dust or gunk sticking the button

Take it out and pull the button apart as hacksparrow said

the buttons are almost all plastic parts which is why you dont want to use WD-40


Cool, I learned how to take out the buttons and you guys were right, I had small traces of finger goop that was easily dealt with. Button clicks like new, thanks :pray: