Problem with Madcatz TE hexnuts

The hexnuts in my Madcatz TE stick got messed up and now won’t accept the screws properly so the top panel is loose and I’m having time a hard time finding replacements for them and I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find any or do I have to look into another option

Ah thanks I don’t really need the bolts just the nuts really but this can be helpful

The second link to DarkSakul’s thread also has the nuts available for really cheap. But that’s if you need the nuts. If the glue got broke and the nuts are rattling around inside your stick, open it up and glue them back into place. If you’ve lost the nuts, order some more from DarkSakul and glue those into place.

I did not read your Post all the way.
All I saw was TE and Hex.

Did not see that you need the Nuts.
If they are still inside the TE, then just glue them back.
If you need to buy the Nuts, they are M4 Nuts, then glue them.

Ditto for what JDM and Toodles said.
When you PM me I didn’t know you started this thread. If you still have the m4 nuts inside your TE, glue them back into place with a small dab of glue
If you are actually missing m4 nuts I got them.

what is a way to remove one of the stripped hexnuts?

Slowly pry out the nut using a threaded screw and maybe some acetone
acetone might harm plastic