Problem with MadCatz TE (MvC2 edition)- button sensitivity

EDIT: I moved this over to the “tech” forum, as I realized that might be the more appropriate place, and frankly it seemed more active. Feel free to read, though.

I bought a Madcatz stick (360) around 9 months ago. Saw it at Gamestop and thought the MvC2 art was so cool I just had to have it, as I had been meaning to get a joystick anyway. I told myself I would get into playing SSFIV competetively to justify buying the gorgeous stick, but I basically let it sit there until MvC3 came out. Now, I’ve put around 40 or 50 hours into it. I’m still absolutely terrible, but man, I love that game.

As luck would have it, though I didn’t really do that much research, it turned out that I bought a stick that the fighting game community seems to respect, if these boards are anything to go by. However, a problem has been rearing its’ ugly head more and more the longer I play with this stick.

I find that the slightest, tiniest, eeeeensiest amount of pressure is setting off buttons that I’m not pressing. Any little graze seems to register. I’m calling in assists all over the place that I have no business calling, and throwing HC’s when I want to throw specials. It’s gotten so bad that I re-mapped my assists from the bottom row to the far right, so now I’m calling them somewhat awkwardly with my pinky. It’s a big improvement over the slop I was playing like before, however. I have tested this extensively while not in the “heat of battle”, and verified on all of the buttons that the slightest bit of barely touching will more often than not set them off.

I’m far, fAR from an expert on either MvC3 or arcade sticks in general, but I could swear this problem didn’t exist when I started “training” a month ago. So my question is, has my stick actually “worn down” and gotten more sensitive after a measly 50 hours of use? It’s the “genuine sanwa parts” and all… Have others had this “oversensitive” problem? I’m sure first reaction, since I’m a noob, is that I’m just playing sloppy, but I swear i’ve never played a game in an arcade, mall, gas station or whatever that had keys this sensitive. I’ve got a MK2 machine sitting right in my living room, and that thing doesn’t register unless you MEAN it.

So have others had this problem? Is it user error or a stick gone bad? Are Madcatz sticks sensitive by design? Is key sensitivity usually a personal preference or is there a consensus on what the best give on the buttons should be?

Any help would be so, so much appreciated. This thing cost me around $140 back then, and I really do love it, I’m just upset at this problem that I can’t figure out if it’s my fault or a defective product.

Try pressing each of the buttons in Training mode with INPUT mode on to see if you’re really pressing the buttons or if its getting pressed by other buttons…

I think that these sticks are really awesome because only a light tap is needed to register… which could be a double-edged sword - and could potentially be presses that you didnt intend to press.

Just try out a combo, and read the inputs, and see if its either the control or your hands that are doing the presses.

“Try pressing each of the buttons in Training mode with INPUT mode on to see if you’re really pressing the buttons or if its getting pressed by other buttons…”

Oh yeah, I did that, and oh yeah, they’re registering. A teardrop would set those things off. No worries, the guys over on the tech forum cleared it up and told me sanwa’s are the most sensitive by design and I should go with Seimetsu Or Happ. Since I’m kinda mechanically retarded, I’ll probably end up just looking for a new stick, but it’s good to get some clarification.

Don’t do that. I am the worst person in the world at messing about with tech, but opening a TE and swapping buttons in is ridiculously easy. The only hard ones to swap are the start/back buttons and that’s just because of their location.

Sanwa button sensitivity is actually one of the things that makes them excellent. Seimitsu buttons are less sensitive, but I’d recommend just sticking with the Sanwas. 40-50 hours of practice really isn’t that much. You’ll get used to it

I just watched a vid on taking apart the madcatz stick… and yeah, I’m entirely sure I would strip something or screw up on the wires or force a button too hard and break it :slight_smile:

I realize that some people really like the sensitivity, but I do have enough experience with fighters to know I do NOT like this particular style. I like to feel the tactile feedback of a button clicking to know I’ve pressed it - to me, the sanwa buttons might as well be an Ipad screen. But each to his own, and my own will be some buttons with some nice, comforting resistance.

Have you tried using Semitsu buttons yet?

I usually rest my palms over the buttons when I’m playing, so semitsu were ideal for me >_>

So… thats a $3 dollar button? Better than buying a new stick.

It’s easier to push in a new button after taking the old one off, so you shouldn’t worry about breaking your Seimitsu’s. Why do you care about breaking a Sanwa button in the first place?

Just take small pliers to pull off the quick disconnect. It’s not like you are disarming a bomb. If you feel uncomfortable doing it, ask someone you know who has messed with electronics before.

I grew up with American arcade parts. But objectively, they aren’t anywhere near the quality of Sanwas. By all means, do what you want. But if I can adjust, I don’t see why you can’t.

Never seen anything stripped with an alan wrench.

Notepad + Pen.