Problem with MadCatz TE (MvC2 edition)- button sensitivity

Sorry for the double-post, I posted this over in the noobie section then realized this might be the more appropriate place:

I bought a Madcatz stick (360) around 9 months ago. Saw it at Gamestop and thought the MvC2 art was so cool I just had to have it, as I had been meaning to get a joystick anyway. I told myself I would get into playing SSFIV competetively to justify buying the gorgeous stick, but I basically let it sit there until MvC3 came out. Now, I’ve put around 40 or 50 hours into it. I’m still absolutely terrible, but man, I love that game.

As luck would have it, though I didn’t really do that much research, it turned out that I bought a stick that the fighting game community seems to respect, if these boards are anything to go by. However, a problem has been rearing its’ ugly head more and more the longer I play with this stick.

I find that the slightest, tiniest, eeeeensiest amount of pressure is setting off buttons that I’m not pressing. Any little graze seems to register. I’m calling in assists all over the place that I have no business calling, and throwing HC’s when I want to throw specials. It’s gotten so bad that I re-mapped my assists from the bottom row to the far right, so now I’m calling them somewhat awkwardly with my pinky. It’s a big improvement over the slop I was playing like before, however. I have tested this extensively while not in the “heat of battle”, and verified on all of the buttons that the slightest bit of barely touching will more often than not set them off.

I’m far, fAR from an expert on either MvC3 or arcade sticks in general, but I could swear this problem didn’t exist when I started “training” a month ago. So my question is, has my stick actually “worn down” and gotten more sensitive after a measly 50 hours of use? It’s the “genuine sanwa parts” and all… Have others had this “oversensitive” problem? I’m sure first reaction, since I’m a noob, is that I’m just playing sloppy, but I swear i’ve never played a game in an arcade, mall, gas station or whatever that had keys this sensitive. I’ve got a MK2 machine sitting right in my living room, and that thing doesn’t register unless you MEAN it.

So have others had this problem? Is it user error or a stick gone bad? Are Madcatz sticks sensitive by design? Is key sensitivity usually a personal preference or is there a consensus on what the best give on the buttons should be?

Any help would be so, so much appreciated. This thing cost me around $140 back then, and I really do love it, I’m just upset at this problem that I can’t figure out if it’s my fault or a defective product.

Sanwa buttons are touch sensitive by design.

If you want something that offers more resistance, then try Seimitsu buttons or HAPP.

So, Sanwa is meant to be over sensitive. It’s when you lose that sensitivity is when you got problems with your hardware. Having said that, i hate sanwa buttons, they feel mushy and ARE too sensitive, that’s why most of my stick have seimitsu buttons. They take more force to press and won’t go off if you just rest your fingers on the buttons like sanwas do sometimes. As for your MK2 machine, that’s probably got HAPP or IL buttons, those are the least sensitive, especially the older they get.

And those will swap out easily? I suppose I can go dig through the modding posts, maybe order some… I’m talking if I dropped a packet of tea from 3 inches above a button, it would register, with no visible or audible compression. Maybe if the buttons were fewer or spaced more it wouldn’t be as much of an issue, but all the off-the-shelf sticks have all eight buttons so tightly packed.

Anyway, I guess I’ll go dig for a way to switch out to Seimitsu or Happ. Thanks for your help, that was fast :slight_smile:

Thanks, chuu, yeah, I can see maybe these buttons working better in a standing environment with your hands arched up, but playing from the couch and coffee table, I naturally rest my wrists and fingers on the arcade box.

Maybe I’ll just switch out the buttons from my mk2 machine, it’s only 19 years old :-p I’m sure I can find at least one that works.

Happ/Il buttons aren’t going to fit in your MvC2 TE stick without a lot of work modding, specifically dremeling plastic inside the case so that there is enough space inside and attaching .187 quick disconnects on the wires. Seimitsu buttons are the much easier solution for slightly stiffer and less sensitive buttons in your TE stick.

I prefer the sensitivity of Sanwa buttons myself. You can get used to it by not having your fingers resting on the buttons all of the time and disabling L buttons in the control config.

Thanks for the advice on the Happ vs. Seimetsu.

I’m finding that posture is everything. I had been playing in, frankly, far too comfortable a position, with the stick too far out in front of me on the coffee table, and “reaching” was adding to the problem. Just moving the stick to my lap last night did absolute wonders for my shoryuken motions, and gave me a much greater feeling of control. When I first started, I tried the lap thing, and it felt absolutely abysmal, but now it actually feels far preferable to a low coffee table. Having it closer leaves my hands more arched and elevated as well, so we’ll see if that helps with my backup digits grazing and resting on the buttons.

If you want to try a button that requires more of a deliberate push that will also fit in your TE, get some Seimitsu PS-14-Gs.

generally all Japanese parts are sensitive so I don’t think seitmitsu will help you. the MK2 machine that you have probably has an American happs buttons. which require a lot of force to activate. I’m pretty sure happs buttons doesn’t fit the te stick.

your buttons are fine, just practice more. you’ll get use to it. even i accidentally hit buttons because of the sensitivity.

I have the exact same stick as you and trust me your buttons are fine! The sanwa buttons used on TEs are quite sensitive and the switch can be activated with very little preassure. I believe i was told 5 grams of preassure is needed by a fellow srk’r, i dont remember who. I believe the person also told me that seimitsu are like 6.5 grams and happs take 10. I dont know how accurate this statement is.

I had this problem when I swapped the stock buttons on my SF4 Madcatz SE with Sanwa buttons, took almost a week to get used to it. Once you get used to it I think you will like it better.

I never was able to get used to sanwa buttons. Have a crappy stick that I use for when I go places that has sanwa buttons in it and still haven’t gotten used to them. Seimitsu’s are imo the right amount of sensitive to where you can get used to them and learn to like them if you didn’t grow up on japanese parts.

Seimitsu buttons do require more push than Sanwas, so that small difference could be all that you need.