Problem with Madcatz TE on USB3


I just bought a new PC and went from USB2 to USB3. And the PC dosnt seem to register any input from my stick at all. It can detect it, but dosnt reg any input.

The motherboard i have is a ASUS P8Z68-V PRO/GEN3, Socket-1155 and the stick is a normal Madcatz TE…

Anyone have a way to fix this? if its even possible…

Thanks in advance.

Is this a PS3 or 360 TE?

Oh ye sorry forgot to mention that… Its a PS3 stick.

That’d be your problem. You’d likely need a different PCI card for it to work, but the only ones known to make it work are USB 2.0. The older PS3 TEs use UCHI, proprietary Intel standard for USB 1.1, so it’s basically way too old to work on USB 3.0. I’d look into replacing your PCB in the TE with one that works for UHID, the most readily available option is the Cthulhu. Or get one of the newer models of PS3 TE that have UHID PCBs (Chun Li, MLG, Namco, Soul Calibur V)

Thanks for your reply =)

Do you think that this PCI card would work?


Another option is to dual mod the stick and use the 360 PCB to work the controls…