Problem with Madcatz UK store?

hey whats up guys. new member here. Trying to purchase TE stick of the gameshark uk website however i keep having card declined problems. However i know it is not the cards problem as one is a debit card which i know has money in the account, as well as a Play credit card. Anyone eles having problems with the site?. Also sorry if the is the wrong section.

Is all of the credit card information you typed up is correct?

Yup i checked hundreds of times. it wont even let me pay by paypal saying that This recipient does not accept payments denominated in Euros. Please contact the seller and ask him to update his Payment Receiving Preferences to accept this currency. I don’t understand why seeing as i am in the UK and i am not paying via euros. :frowning:

Yeah I got the same problem paying with paypal on this site.
I then paid with a debit card. It said the order was confirmed but I did not get any email confirmation.
I have since tried to cancel my order sending 2 emails to 2 different madcatz email addresses. Got 2 automated emails from them with ticket numbers. It’s been over 24 hours since this and still no emails either confirming my order or saying that my order has been cancelled.

I just don’t know what to expect. Checked my bank and no money has been taken. Oohh the suspense of online ordering…

My previous experiances with this stores customer service has also been really bad but that was nearly 2 years ago.

I tried to print off a copy of an order at the weekend and couldn’t get logged in at all, emailing UK support is a drag as you can sometimes wait weeks for a reply only to be given a generic response asking you to fill in a form (like the detailed description you already gave them wasn’t enough, they had to read it twice). The best way to get anything done is to phone them, if you can get the number (the only reason I was able to get it was through their UK distributor). I will have a look and see if I still have the number.