Problem with micro transaction DLC

Downloadable content allows customers and players a fantastic amount of flexibility. Players are now able to have new features and content for games months and sometimes years after it’s initial release. Effectively breathing new life into a game long after it’s novelty has worn off. Such an incredible feature…and they are abusing the FUCK out of it.

Content that could easily be included (and a generation ago WOULD be include in the game) are now being put up on online marketplaces for the salivating masses to buy up. Now don’t get me wrong, there is some great DLC out there and its totally understandable to charge for some nonessential content IF it goes above and beyond what could be included in the game from the get go. So why is that I click this

and see a company milking the shit out of it’s loyal fans. I look at SF4 and SSF4 and see a company charging for alternate costumes at release (finished costumes with a seperate budget for whatever reason). I see them announce to the world that the XBOX 360 could not handle all of the content in Lost Planet 2. I wonder if the PS3 version will get the whole/Directors Cut version and the 360 Version will get free DLC or a second disc to compensate (yeah right) or will they once again dig in our pockets for some shit that should be included with the game in the first place.

Now this isn’t just a Capcom problem obviously, as many other companies are guilty of this same offence. The problem that I foresee, is companies charging for vital shit like “want the real ending? $5” or “the Dragon Key to get into the final castle”. Who’s gonna draw that line?

I mean honestly, I’m pretty much cool on all the DLC mentioned above (and in general mostly). I would like to have the content but I honestly don’t really need it so I don’t have to much of a problem with it right now. However, if it gets any worse then what we’re looking at right now, i’ll just have to stop supporting these companies as a whole. Really hate to do that but thems the breaks.

TLDR ver: Some Companies are taking advantage of consumers with petty DLC. They are on a slippery slope that looks to be leading to games requiring multiple micro transactions in order to have access to the “full” game.

What are your thoughts on this process?

dude the game is only $10 to begin with

quit being such a cheapskate

did you even read what he posted?

im outi


Clearly he didn’t.

Get used to it. I’m guessing 90s will probably be remembered as what film industry was to in the 30s. Its inevitable.

So lower your expectations and take what gems you get once inawhile. :stuck_out_tongue:

i dont care about dlc stuff enough to care, but i can see the point a little. at the end of the day its still a choice, and until they really really start screwing people over, people will just have to make the choice to have something be worth your purchase, or not. its not like the games still dont give a lot in my opinion, but they realize there is always a demand for more little bullshit, so why not make some money off it. oh well. dont care. you either spend the extra 5 or 10 bucks for something cool, or dont. nothing in life is free.

I honestly like the RE5 (minus Versus) model the best. Make the damn game, come back 6 months to a year later and give us that HOT shit at a fair price. I mean that’s the whole point of episodic content and it seems like nobody can get the damn thing right.

imo borderlands is doing it right as well.

im outi


Ooo. Or Fallout 3 (and hopefully Mass Effect 2).

I think that Western developers understand this better since the idea of expansions is a very very old one thanks to PC games.

No thanks. I’ll just stop buying new games if it comes to that. I mean if it gets to the point where getting incomplete games becomes a standard, I will always have THOUSANDS of full games from passed generation to play and revisit.

I will have no investment in this micro transaction business model.

It must be all the boys who played with Barbies growing up that actually care about shit like paying for different outfits in Street Fighter.

Yeah, the guys who bought alt costumes for SF4 always made me go wtf…


Or people that remember 80’s toy commercials: with Barbie there was a whole new Barbie every 2 weeks. New profession, new outfit, same price as the LAST Barbie. They never just sold the outfits. Same shit with My Little Pony. Same toy, same price, minor changes (new song, and original hand-drawn animation for the commercial, however…that shit couldn’t have been cheap). Hasbro was the Capcom of toy companies.

Developers now are dealing with tech that makes shit much harder to develop for, even with a bigger staff. Let’s not forget that they are being forced into deadlines. That’s why its nice to have control of your IPs like Suda with NMH, Kojima with MGS and Miyamoto with Zelda/SMB. You always here Kojima and Miyamoto pushing back deadlines until they feel their “child” is ready to be released. None of those games have DLC you have to pay for, and, even if there was DLC, its probably free.

Meanwhile Capcom owns the MM and SF franchise and they can milk all they want out of it.