Problem with mounting plate for joystick


Ok so today i bnought my first sanwa parts to mod my se fight stick. The thing is, i bought it at a store called “Playdium Store.” Anyway, they gave me the mounting plate and sanwa joystick unattached. So i’ve been trying to put the two together with my limited knowledge. Bottom line though, the screws that i’ve been given might not even match. The joystick part i got was a JLF-TP-8Y. Does anybody know which screws actually fit the joystick and where to buy it?

Here’s their website.
Also, the stock joystick from the standard edition fightstick is mounted to the mounting plate. But the problem lies in the fact that one of the screws cannot be screwed out. This was what my father claims. He then proceeds to hammer the living crap out of the screw and mutilates it beyond repair. Does anybody have any ideas how to get the last screw out?


You need M3 nuts and bolts. Just go to a ace hardware with the screws and nuts that you did manage to get and find replacements. You are looking for M3 flat head. I don’t recall the length, but they are the same as the SE sticks.


M3 screws of .5mm Pitch at 8mm.
And will need M3 nuts for the screws, unless you grab them from stock Joystick.


Ok i just foudn out the problem. I was given nuts and bolts with the sanwa joystick. I had to first take apart the restrictor gate, and the layer after that. Then i had to put the nuts in the holes that were covered by the restrictor gate and the layer before that. I had no idea and sanwa should really make it more obvious to be honest. As a first timer doing this, i had no idea. My father deserves most the credit which is surprising because in my opinion he’s a dumb ass haha(no you really would think so if you saw and hung out with him). But he just outwitted me =/


I thought your problem was getting screws out.
This is about putting screws in?