Problem with my dreamcast arcade stick

Hello everybody…I know it looks like I’m new but I have actually been enjoying the site from afar but I’m here now and need help in the worst way:sad:. Well I started working on my dreamcast arcade stick and I finally put everything together but when I tried to test it out the characters kept jumping and only two of my buttons seemed to work help PLZ!

You’re going to need specifics for people to help you better. Tell us:

Are you modding a stick or built from scratch?

Is this stick made from a DreamCast controller PCB?

Are you wiring it yourself?

And the biggest part… Take pictures of the insides and what you did to it!

kick it.

Well I got everything to work now except the trigger that is the only thing I need help with.

Cardboard box! Haha, wow, nice budget stick. :smile:

Getting the trigger buttons to work is a pain, and I’m not sure how it’s done. I’m not even sure it’s possible actually, but I’m sure it is. Typically, you want to get one of those offbrand controllers that have ABCXYZ buttons, where C and Z are trigger alternatives. That way you can hook them up just like every other button.

Thanks I quit my job so this was it. But yea I have one of those controllers but I jumped the gun and did it with the normal one…:rofl:

There is no way to hack the trigger buttons that won’t have a few frames of lag. If you don’t care about that (which I assume you don’t, putting arcade controls in a shoebox) then you can solder the wires to one of the top left connections on these chips:

Lmao Nice!

That’s because you remove the analog stick magnet. The HAL sensors for the analog stick don’t have any magnets to measure, and freak out.

Scrap that PCB, and get a better one. Official Sega DC pads are suck to hack. Look in the padhacking thread for suggestions for better PCBs to use.

Fixed everything…except one thing as you can see I’m using a super happy but that stupid black thing won’t stay in what do you use?