Problem with my fighting pad


I have bought an Hori Fighting Commander 3 Pro:

I hope someone who owns a fightpad like this will read this thread, because Im wondering what all the different buttons and switches do, like these ones:

And also this on located next to the R side buttons:

Anyone know what they do?




since the hori pad only has the dpad and no analog sticks. the dp/ls/rs swtich sets the dpad to control either the directional pad, the right analog stick or the left stick. (same as on the madcatz sticks, i know that some menus only scroll while using the right stick, so in order to do that youd need to be able to switch which one you are controlling… I believe standard is setting it to d-pad though)

the l-r/r-l swtich swaps the right and left shoulder buttons


Thanks, but it dosn’t matter now since I’ve discovered it is impossible for me to control using this pad.


aww booerns. whats wrong with it exactly? just uncomfortable? or would you just prefer an analog stick on the pad or something?


No idea how I can control properly using this. Since I need 4 fingers on the front side buttons I can only use one finger (the thumb) for the 6 buttons on the front. Juri is the only character I play (so far, trying to learn the game) and it’s impossible keep buttons pressed for stored projectiles and still fight with the other buttons, you probably have no idea what I’m talking about if you don’t know Juri’s projectile special move.


Some experienced pad players that I know simply hold their right hand as if they’re using a joystick. You cover your hand over the front buttons, and use three fingers to press the various face buttons. The top buttons are not needed, since you already have all 6 buttons on the face.


I used to play on a MadCatz FightPad - a 6 Button Pad like yours - (Juri, too) and did what eltrouble said - holding it usually in my left hand and using the right side similar to a stick. What would you need shoulder buttons for?


How do you focus attack and grab (and taunt) if you only use the 6 buttons?


I use the shoulder buttons to for KOF XIII. Whenever I activate HD mode with the normal buttons sometimes I hit other buttons and either roll or throw out a Standing C attack when I activate HD modes. Using the shoulder buttons made it easier.


I press LP and LK at the same time… or MP and MK… or HP and HK… by just like… pressing them with two fingers?.?


Use 2 fingers. But what I do on stick, is just use one finger and press 2 buttons simultaneously. It’s much more accurate that way.

Your left is the only thing holding your controller. You use all your fingers to hold it and support, while the thumb works the d-pad. This is why there’s only one handle on the controller.


Thanks, so maybe I can use the fightpad after all. But at the same time I’ve become used to keyboard controls and have discovered that it aint that bad.