Problem with my fightstick


My fight stick has been working fine for a few months now. About a week ago, it suddenly started acting strange. It stopped functioning for a few seconds at least every minute. It got worse through the week to the point where it only works for literally a few seconds a day. The ball and all the buttons don’t work anymore but only the turbo button works, especially when I turn on the turbo lights using the other buttons. I’m not sure if this is a PCB problem or something with the connections… Anyone have any advice?


Wait, the turbo lights work when you press the buttons, but don’t work by themselves?

What happens when you plug it into a PC, go to the control panel, and then go to the game controllers applet (Devices and Printers under Win7)?

Also, check for some frayed sections on the USB cable, especially where it goes into the stick (and near the little door thing if it’s a TE).


Yea the turbo lights work when i press the buttons. I tried it on my PC and it says there’s a problem with the USB device. It doesn’t appear in the list of game controllers either. Don’t think there’s anything wrong with the USB cable.


That’s not what the symptoms say. There’s got to be a problem with the cable, at least where it’s connected to the stick’s pcb. It sounds like the stick is getting the proper power and grounding, which is why your turbo works. My guess is something is going on with the D+ or D- cables, which sends the data from the stick to the console/PC. There may be a fray or a loose solder point.

If you don’t have any soldering experience, then my recommendation is to get someone in your area to look at it. You can find a modder in your area here:


Alright, I’ll try doing that.