Problem with my newly acquired ls-56 (TE S)


I just moded my TE S with new buttons and a ls-56-01 (the deadzone of the jlf is too high for shmup imo).
But I have a problem :
The only direction that works is down, and downleft diagonal (left don’t work).
I reinitialized the driver, used the microsoft and the xbcd, but nothing works.
I plugged my old jlf to check if the pcb is ok and it works flawlessly.

Any idea? Or the ls-56-01 is simply dead on arrival?


check the LS-56 pcb or the wire harness. the contacts for a JLF and LS-56 have different orientation depending on the position of the pcb


Rotate your wiring harness 180 degrees. Seimitsu wiring harnesses are inverted versions of Sanwa harnesses. And the stock TE harness is designed for Sanwa sticks.


You mean returning the cable?
I guess I’ll have to made a custom cable … Before that I’ll test the pcb tomorrow with an electrical tester.

edit: i’m a bit in wtf mode. returning the cable works, but it didn’t that afternoon… well, that’s good. :slight_smile:


You have two ways of plugging the connector to the LS-56. Try the 2nd way (nerrage’s advice)


This will help you make sense of how it was plugged in wrong.


Yes it make sense. There is no electrical schema included with the stick itself tho. :confused: Even if the ground track is a bit more wide.
I still don’t know why it didn’t worked that afternoon (I tried both).

But the only thing that matter is that it works now. :wink: