Problem with my SE Stick


So this was my first time trying to mod my Madcatz SE stick, i was doing everything right but now when i plug it in, it wont work, nothing works on it. I dont know what to do or what i did wrong, if someone could please help it would be greatly appreciated.


Open it up and take some pictures.


You didn’t have to make a new Thread.

What did you do?
All I know was you trying to remove your Joystick.


i was swapping buttons, changed the art and changing the stick, but now when i tested it to plug it in, it doesnt work, the xbox light doesnt come on and nothing works.


Please tell me you don’t have the harness upside down the little lip tab should be facing down and the switch at the top should be on DP also don’t test this on your pc test it on your console because it could have something to do with your drivers ive had my drivers randomly do this aswell,