Problem with my Speakers

My computer speakers are on,but they aren’t giving any volume through the computer(I also have a subwoofer btw).

I plugged my Speakers jack cable into my MP3 and I heard the music.

What could be the problem?


Is the volume on your control panel up?


perhaps your computers drivers?

Do drivers randomly start having problems?

I thought they only have problems if you tried to re-install windows or something like that

I am clearly not the most saavy Computer person around,so excsuse me.

basically your old speakers ran fine, turned on, sound, everything, it was a party. now you plug in your new speakers and nothing?

My Old Speakers run fine,An hour later they stop working

The Power light of the speakers is still on,and they even play music from my MP3,but I can’t hear any sound directly from the computer,such as videos from Youtube

old speakers worked on computer, then they didnt
got new speakers those work fine
but when plugged in on your computer they make no sound

do your old speakers work with your mp3 player?
if they do
its probably a sound card/driver problem