Problem with my te fightstick


I can switch my xbox with the home button on my fightstick but after about 5 seconds the green light goes out and the fighstick no longer functions in anyway I have plugged it in to both controller ports and it makes no difference and my wired controller works fine so it must be a fault in the fightstick anyone have any ideas on what the problem is or how I can fix it


sounds like a USB issue. maybe connection to the pcb… hell pcb could of went to shit. have you opened the TE before?


yeah I opened it and nothing really jumped out at me but I admit I did,nt really know what I was looking for do you know if this is a common problem ? I tried contacting madcatz but they,re useless


I’m thinking short circuit. Can you post pics of the insides? Close up of where the USB cable attaches to the PCB is probably a good idea, but it could be anywhere.


look at the connections I circled… theres is usually a good amount of glue holding it in place so its usually pretty secure but you never know… look at all the connections on that pcb and make sure they are all pretty firm. nothing should look half way connected. check your USB for any rips tears breaks… if it isnt any of those things then keep on calling madcatz to get it turned in or contact a modder to get more help.



thanks for the help guys al get right on it