Problem with my XBOX TE Round 2 stick!

so i decide to play some SSFIV and my stick has been working perfectly for the past week of owning it. well today i turn on my xbox and i notice my joystick will not scroll through any of the xbox menus. it will not work at all on the xbox menus or to scroll through letters to send a message.

next step was to try and play the game anyway. the stick works fine with the game until i noticed something funny in how the character walks in training mode. if i press forward and hold it the character keeps walking for about another half second after i release the forward direction. it does the same thing when i hold back.

any ideas on what this could be guys? i cant have this happen when MVC3 is just around the corner! any help is appreciated:sad:

Switch it to “DP” mode.

You’re in LS mode.

you my friend are a f’n genius. i use to have a ps3 te and LP and DP mode all worked the same. thanks A LOT!!! :slight_smile: