Problem with new TE


So I just got a new TE delivered to me, and for the most part it works perfectly, however I noticed a problem when I was crouching that about 50% of the time, when I released the joystick back to its neutral position, the character would remain crouching for a second or two before returning to standing.
This is a pretty big problem that I can’t really just put up with, so I’m not too sure what to do. There is a return policy on the stick that is valid for another week, so should I return it and look for a new one, or is there an easy way to fix this (keep in mind I am not at all savvy in technical repair, so…)?


Update: It’s now having the same problem with the left/backwards direction, I’m afraid that this is going to end up happening to all the directions soon enough


Is the stick switch set to DP or LS?


I know I’m probably sounding like a dumbass here, but what does that represent exactly?


Just set it to DP.
LS = Left Stick
DP = D-Pad
RS = Right Stick
LS/RS are emulated from what I understand and thus, cause lag.


Alright, seems to be working just fine now
Well, now I feel stupid, but thanks so much, you saved me a lot of waiting by sending this back and ordering a new one haha