Problem with online PSN?


Ive lost " conection to playstation network " 5 times this week while playing SSf4 AE
I usually never disconect,
I dont log out from playstation network when i get the error message , but i disconect from the game and lose 100 pp / bp per game …

I got a very solid wired conection


Same things been happening to me as well for the last few days. I could care less about the points but it is annoying to constantly get disconnected right in the middle of matches that you’re gonna win. Even right now I can’t find or create a lobby either. No idea what’s been going on lately.


Yes this has been happening 2 me as well constant disconnects. Took me 5 trys 2 get into network battle alone yesterday. It is becoming very annoying. A few of my friends r also having this problem


I can’t even find a game…


There was a psn (non-mandatory) update that people should do. It helps “stabilize” the ps3, whatever that means but I was having the same problem for a bit but the update really helped a lot.


Do you guys get the “unable to connect” message while trying to join a room in ranked lobbys?

I get that like 7-10 times before I can join a room and it’s annoying.