Problem with printing (TE Stick template) Please help

I downloaded one of the templates from likkuid in the rar file…it comes out as a tif file and the right resolution (4025xwhatever). So I thought all you had to do is print it?

I took a memory stick down to my local printing shop and asked them to print it…obviously it has to be on an A3 sheet of paper as A4 is too small…so she prints it and it comes out massive! Anyone know why this is??? Is there any special settings on the printer that need to be done because she just selected A3 then print

Im dying to get this template on my stick! Please help

She didn’t print at the correct DPI.

100% Print (No Scale) at 300 DPI.
And a full print for normal TE fits on Legal Size paper.

Thanks mate your a life saver :slight_smile: thank god she didnt charge me for it

oh you said standard legal paper? It doesnt fit on A4 though? I put the Default template up against A4 and the edges trim off so it has to be A3?