Problem with PS2 controller in Smartjoy adapter on PC



I have had the same Smartjoy adapter with my PC for about 5 years

It goes in the PC’s USB port, and it converts PSX and PS2 controllers to work on the PC

I used first my PS2 pad when I first acquired the adapter, and I’ve used a couple since that I’ve worn out. Currently, I’ve worn out all my PS2 pads, and I’m on a PSX pad. All have worked without any problems.

This weekend, I was by Gamestop and I purchased a second-hand PS2 controller.

I looked forward to gaming with that, but it doesn’t quite work.

When I use digital inputs (when the red Analog light isn’t lit), the controller inputs “left” (in Supercade (and “up” in SSF4AE)) by itself, non-stop. No buttons work, except for Select and Start.

When I use analog inputs (with the thumb-sticks), the thumb-sticks work, and so do the same two Select and Start buttons, but still the normal buttons don’t work.

I’m wondering if this pad had turbo, or something, modded into it, somehow?

Anybody have any ideas? :wonder:

When I go to configure my controls in Supercade (it uses NFBA), it recognizes the normal buttons, but as with all buttons, it registers that I want to change whatever to whatever I’m inputting, but once I input something like X or O or square or triangle or left or right on the d-pad, it says “Waiting for button to be released” - as if there is some turbo function at play inside the controller :wonder:


Is the PS2 pad a official Sony pad or a 3rd party pad?


official. That’s why it’s so odd… :xeye: