Problem with Ryu Trials

Hey there,

I am new to SF and recently bought SFV. I startet with Ryu and I figured it might be a good idea to complete the trials and work on executions first. They were going pretty well and I felt like I am improving but now I am stuck on trial 7. Which is j.HP c.HP DP and his CA. And I just cant input the 2xQCF Motion after the DP fast eough. I watched the demo and some videos online and it seems insanely fast, I am pretty sure its not meant the way I am trying to do it. Is there a shortcut or something for cancelling the DP into his CA? I saw a video where someone did exactly this trial but seemed to have alot less stick movement than me.
I am playing on DS4 if it matters.

Any help will be appreciated.

can i ask what way you’re doing the DP? there is a bit of a shortcut you can use and it will allow you to start buffering the CA

I am playing on the analog stick and I am inputting the DP as downforward, down, downforward.

i usually play on stick but later tonight i’ll give it a try on pad. the trick is usually to hit two taps of down forward instead of the full “Z” type of movement. the game counts it as reading all the inputs needed and goes quite a bit quicker. but again i’ll have to try it on a pad to see if it works.

Okay. Just for clarification, the problem is the input of his CA (2QCF + Punch). The DP works, i just cant input his CA fast enough after it.

yup, but some moves are easier to buffer from than others. in this case it might be easier to shortcut the DP notation (it is for sure on stick) and start the buffer right from there, so i’ll give it a whirl on an analogue to see if its the same deal.

Try inputting it like this, works like a charm:

:f: :d: :hp: :df: :hp: :f: :d: :df: :f: :hp:


:d: :hp: :f: :d: :df: :hp: :f: :hp:

I wanted to explain this in detail but I want to open a discussion on the shortcut system because I realized that I don’t completely understand its rules.
The second might work better for you since it’s considerably less inputs but experiment with both to see which one works better for you.

Both need a substantial amount of practice to get done reliably.

Wow, thanks alot, this worked! Gonna practise it now. Just a little question, is there a section in this forum or on another site where i can look up these shortcuts. I think its pretty hard to figure them out.

I stumbled across this one:

The information is mostly correct except for 2xQCF inputs which cannot be done the way described in the guide anymore.

Great, you just showed someone how to mash dp into super.

Be proud, lol.

What do you mean?

There’s a lot of so called “old school” players, that look down upon people using the input shortcuts introduced in SFIV, SFxT and SFV, who think that the “honorable” and “right” way to do a motion is by only using those that were present in older entries to the series like the SF2 and SF Alpha games.

He’s most likely poking fun at me, but if he’s not he’s a scrub that refuses to learn and either way you should not pay attention to him.

The only downside to using shortcuts is that you cannot use them in any other fighting game.
Just learn them all and apply them accordingly.
Even Daigo, Bonchan and all the other top players use them.

:df: :d: :df: is good for uppercutting jump ins late from crouching position, giving you more time to input the srk before you get hit and more damage than an early uppercut
:f: :df: :f: is good for uppercutting from standing position and prevents you from doing an accidental CA
:dp: works well in the combo you just learned and when you hide your uppercut buffer with a whiffed attack

On the traditional motion, do you return to neutral after hitting forward and then go down + d.forward or do you quarter circle to down from forward and then return back to d.forward?

There’s no break to neutral, I kinda pull the stick diagonally down from forward then push it down forward.

Kinda like drawing the z picture out with your stick, really.

I wouldn’t refer to them as “old school” players, but rather “close-minded” players who simply refuse to adapt to new games. I’m 42 now, and after taking almost a decade off of fighting games, I’m back to them pretty hardcore and learning all the shortcuts.

Shortcuts are in the game to be used. All those same players who make arguments about shortcuts not being honorable and all that bullshit are the same people who would hit you with Guile handcuffs because “it was in the game” and not bat an eye about it. If anyone ever tells you shortcuts are for “scrubs,” you just respond by telling them they just literally defined the word.

Personally, I do go back to neutral. Don’t know if that’s good though.