Problem with Sanwa buttons

Hi guys a bit of a problem here with the start and select buttons of my 2 arcade sticks been activated at the same time and therefore calling up ps home menu when giving the stick a good work out.

Here’s a pic of the panels
They’re now in cases and pretty much ready to rock - I’ll post some updated pics as soon as I sort out this problem.

I tested the sticks on a PC monitoring the controller applet in Control Panel, and you can see them get activated. So what I was wondering has anyone successfully modded the buttons with stiffer springs? I’ve got one button busted open now, litterally busted, broke damn plastic tabs on it! It looks possible but it wouldn’t half be fiddly.
Am I better off making new polycarb top plate omitting the 2 * 24mm holes, purchasing the lock nut type Sanwa’s and remounting the buttons onto the case. Or does anyone know of a suitable replacment thats not as sensitive for the location I’ve got them in at the moment. Get this problem on both the sticks - talk about a design faux pas ha ha.

Thanks in advance.

swap out the micro-switches in the buttons with some seimitsu micro-switches. they don’t trigger as easily as the sanwa switches.

Cheers for that Brokenhalo, i’ll get some ordered. In the meantime so I can get some babdly needed practise in, i’ve taken apart the start button and decided to mod that. If i can make sure that this isn’t triggered acidently then that’ll cause minimal disruption as a) it wont pause game and b) if select activated as well enter home menu. (Not too fussed about select button being activated acidently as this doesn’t cause any problems when activated on its own). What I did was junk the weedy spring completely, glue the ball bearing into the actuator, and then glue the actuator to the button itself with a much beefier spring between button and button housing. Fingers crossed this works for the short term at least. Feels alot better any way. Fight!!!