Problem with Sanwa JLF


Just got my second TE (the first failed after 5 days… ) and now I’ve got a problem with the joystick. >_>

Sometimes there seems to be additional resistance when moving the stick, especially in the 8 and 9 directions. It sounds and feels like there is some sort of plastic in the way, but i can’t see anything (opened it up… i can’t see me sending that shit in again just to get another failing one).

There was a second dustwasher inside the stick, on the sanwa mounting plate. Not sure if thats normal. Removed it, didn’t help.


the second dustwasher is normal and it helps keep the dust out. have you checked the micro switches to see if they all click the same way? could be a faulty pcb. Or maybe check the white hub inside the joystick to see if its properly lubricated.

If you see that its dry you can order a little container of the lubricant used for that called Shin-Etsu grease from this dude here on SRK forums named masturfader.


i had something similar to this happen to me… i think it has to do with the grease they put on the joysticks. it can get under that 2nd washer, and create somewhat of a small vacuum under that 2nd washer, and when moving it in some directions, when the vacuum is broken, it can feel like the stick is being held up on something, or hitting something in the way of it.

this happened on my HRAP2, and i just took it appart and cleaned the stick. this fixed my issue… i hope it’ll help you out too.


Totally forgot to reply. :<

Thanks guys! The grease was my problem. There was to much between the actuator and the metal ring. my stick is now fine :smiley:


Had the same issue with my new TE2, cleaned the grease. works great now.


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Inb4 some Tech Talk hipster tells OP to hard-mod a JLW into his TE.


It can be done, but its not for the faint of heart.


Fuck that. I’m gonna try to hard mod the JL-B into a custome TE, when I get it on Monday.


HD version


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Older 16 bit technology can only produce so many colors, dithering creates that illusion, especially on low rez monitors.


What are you reffering to with “that illusion”?




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What I was saying before with "Older 16 bit technology can only produce so many colors, dithering creates that illusion, especially on low rez monitors."
Was how older consoles get around their color limitations.

A good place to notice this effect of dithering to create the appearance of more colors is Sonic the Hedge Hog, Green Hills Zone, any water fall.


Never noticed that, intresting