Problem with Sanwa stick in HRAP EX

Hello All. I bought my first joystick about a month ago. It is a HRAP EX. The stock Hori buttons are rubbish so I decided to add some artwork and you guessed it, new Sanwa buttons. I finally received the buttons tonight and installed them. I started playing SF4 and started having problems with the joystick. Every direction on the joystick works except the down/right diagonal position. I opened it back up to see if any of the soldered connections on the joystick were broke. All of the connections on the PCB and joystick look fine. I also took a look at the microswitches but do not know anything but the basics about them. All I know is that the joystick works when you hold down and right but not when both microswitches are pressed at the same time. Do you guys think that this is a problem with the PCB or the microswitches. I am out of options and do not know how to fix the problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am going through SF$ withdraws already. Thanks in advance.

Same thing

Except it when I go DownnLeft it’s the down microswitch, you won’t be able to tell by looking. You have to listen to it closesly. Anyway, you can order a replacement from Lizarlicks and don’t worry about Soldering you can just do wire lassos on the soldering legs I tested it on my stick lassoing works fine. I guess down is the first to go because it’s probaly the most used lol

I’m having the same problem, Sometimes my char comes up from crouching doesnt diagonal jump etc… I replaced the down microswitch thinking that was the original problem and to no avail. I’m gonna buy a jlf as soon as lizardlick re-opens, hopefully that fixes the problem. I feel your pain man.

edit: replaced all the microswitches and its a-ok. easy fix =)