Problem with screws on top of TE

So a couple of weeks ago I posted a thread here on tech talk asking what the size of the screws on top of the TE are. The answer I got was M4 0.7 x 12mm, and I bought them off of amazon. Well it turns out the screws don’t fit the top of my TE, I think the reason being is that the guy who owned this TE before I did use to have some screws that were bigger than meant, and it widened the hole you screw in the screws I think.

So the screws are to small to screw into the hole, so what type of screws do you think I should buy now?? I would say the space between the screw and hole is like 1cm

Please can you guys help me out I would really appreciate it.


I probably won’t be able to tell even if you follow through with this request, but I doubt anybody else will be able to if you don’t either:

Pictures please. Post the M4 screws next to whatever screws you have currently in your T.E. and the mount holes. Preferably together, next to a a ruler or maybe just a coin so we can get a sense of scale. We’ll need the threading to be visible too. Screws of about the same diameter can have very, very different threadings which can make all the difference if somebody forced the wrong size down all of the screw holes.

i’m very surprised that the other guy changed the size of the screws, since the TE doesn’t really have screw holes, it has nuts that are glued/stuck on to the plastic that act like screw holes…making them bigger would just make them pop off…

Time to take the TE on a field trip to the hardware store.

yea I guess I am going to take it with me to Home Depot today.

probably wont find hex screws at home depot…

but aren’t the m4 0.7 x 12mm not hex screws either?? that’s what everyone was recommending to use and I have seen them at Lowe’s before

You might be thinking of hex bolts.

The screws on the TE control panel are button-head socket screws.

Alright so the screws that i need are between m4 .7 x 12mm and m5
.8 x 12mm i believe so can anyone help me out?? Or just directly link me to do bolts


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