Problem with search function


I don’t know if this is the correct sub-forum to post my question (if it’s not I apologize).

I’ve just realized that, in this new forum version, the search function is gone.

The faq still reports the search links in the navigation bar.

I’d like to post in the St subforum but it only displays one page (why?) and with the search disabled I don’t understand how to find the various single characters strategies threads.

Can anyone help me?


Huh. There was an announcement stating why the search is disabled, but now it’s gone. It was disabled to reduce stress on the server, since there are a lot of new people coming in for SFIV…

The reason you only see one page of threads in the ST subforum is most likely because you have it set to only show you threads with activity in the last month. Use this link and it’ll show you all threads in the ST subforum from the very beginning. You’ll still have to find those character strategy threads on your own (or hope that Google can find them for you)


And how could the forum archive be useful to these new users if they won’t find a search function?

Thanks I didn’t notice that. I’m not really used to forums, I prefer newsgroups.

Another question. With the search gone and avoiding mail notification, how can I follow my own threads?

Is there any method to mark them? I don’t (can’t?) see anything helpful in the forum tools.

I hope to find again this thread in order to answer to your reply.