Problem with SF4 W/madcatx xbl stick on 360. Help!


At the moment I do not have pictures but my install is working for the most part. In the xbox main screen (play game, download demos, green background, etc) the joystick works flawlessly. Up down, A, B works fine.

When I get into SF4 the Up, Down, Left, Right will all fire are the same time. Constantly sending signal as if I were holding down all four switches at the same time. It seems it does it in other games as well. When I unplug the ground cable from the switches the menu will stop moving.

I am using the Happ Competition joystick. There are three prongs. I am using the gorund (silver) and the one the top prong. There is one prong on each switch that is open.

Any ideas as to what I am doing wrong?

Thank you!


search function one of the stickies :wink:


Great for the info. I have tried to search. Im trying to figure out how/why my stick is wired up wrong.


On the Happ Competition Joystick’s cherry microswitch, the silver tab is typically used for common ground. The gold tab closer to the silver tab should be used for direction or button.

From your description, it sounds like you have a short somewhere.

If you have a multi-meter, set it to continuity and see if you have any shorts.


That is how mine is setup. Ill check for shorts. What could be causing it to constantly send signals? The red tabs are not being pressed.


what stick are you talking about? give us a retail picture or something… no idea what you are talking about until you give me this info.


If your solder job isn’t clean, you could have shorted signal and ground on the PCB. This essentially acts like the button/direction being pressed.


Exact one


I think James is asking which Mad Catz controller. Not the Happ Competition.


Solder job appears to be clean. When the grounds are removed from the joystick the controller pcb does not send commands to jump and such. I have tested the pads on the pcb and when the ground and signal are pressed it will send the correct signal.

I am modding the mad catz arcade stick


ok so its that pcb… alright so. with that i’ve seen similar problems to this.

remove the triggers on the pcb or make sure they are set to neutral. i recommend soldering resistors on them so they are read as digital inputs not analog(this means they wont randomly activate from being moved)

also check to make sure you followed the signal/common parts correctly. and check your solder job.


Here is my install. Ill try totally removing the triggers, but they are set to Neutral (line is lined up with the middle pin.

Here is a larger picture of the one above. More detail

Joystick top is not installed in the above picture (obviously)


move the signal wire to the other tab on the stick

they need to be side by side.


Dear James,

You are the coolest dude ever. You fixed my problem and I would like to buy you a beer.

Your biggest fan

Hell yeah you fixed it for me! It was those connections. It was right in my face the whole time. Thanks again man!


False alarm. Left and right are still acting up. The pcb disconnects at random times too


now check the soldering job for left and right.

also your cord looks fucked up. check out the wires from it where it goes onto the pcb.

get another pic so i can see the current state.


Fixed! Now it is working 100%. The connection to the right button on the stick (move charector to the left) was bad.

When I orig. bought the pcb (used from game store) the solder job sucked. The wires for the controller fell off. They had used so much flux that I could not use the current pads. I installed the wires on the reverse side. The Green and White solder points have too much solder. They are too close and they will “jump” or short each other out. I will fix this soon :smiley: It rarley shorts out though.

Now everything is working just fine.

James123 you know ur stuff! Thanks for the help. Im going to try to get some pics on here soon, but at the moment im going to test it out. Thanks man!


np. i try to help when i can.


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