Problem with stick inputs & combos

Hey there everyone. So I am fairly new but here is my issue. I do not know if its just my timing or if there is something wrong with my stick. I use a Qanba Q4RAF and I am having troubles with the right bottom quadrant of my stick.

I play Adon and I have been learning two BnBs (cr.lp cr.lp lk.rj and lk.rj). When I am on the left side of the screen, inputting these on my opponent on my right, they go off about 1/3 of the time. I have even shortened them by one input (cr.lp respectively) and I still have the same issue. BUT when I am on the right side of the screen inputting these to my opponent on the left they go off 100% of the time. I am using the buffered shortcut of just inputting the diagonal twice for the lk.rj, which is the same shortcut most people use for DP’s to my understanding.

So help! Has anyone else had an issue like mine and they just attributed it to timing? Or could this be something funky with my stick? I just think its super odd that there is such a large discrepancy in input accuracy. Im more than willing to take any advice anyone has to give.

Thank you in advance!

More than likely you’re just better able to execute motions on one side of the screen versus another. A lot of people have a side preference, similar to being right-handed or left-handed. No cure for it other than consistent practice to make doing motions on either p1 or p2 side feel a lot more natural to you.

You can also try adjusting or changing your grip altogether. You might find other grips feel more comfortable to you, or allow you to do moves more fluidly.

Newbie question? Newbie dojo.

Also, read the stickies.

Why are you using the shortcut?

Most people DON’T use this shortcut. It’s a dumb shortcut that only causes more execution mistakes. It’s helpful for newbie players, or players who like to mash in-between attack strings, but it SHOULD NOT be commonly relied upon.

The best way to do the DP is the original way. Learn the original Z motion for it, and you’ll find a lot more consistency.

  1. Not familiar with Adon but if you can both chain AND link the last two normal moves together, make sure you are linking them since in almost every situation you can’t chain into a move and then cancel into a special.
  2. Turn on input display and make sure what you think you’re doing is what is actually happening.

That isn’t even a valid SRK shortcut. SRKs require 3 inputs. DF, D, DF would work, but DF, DF would not (even if this were possible to do). See this for more information.

A far more practical answer would be, “Pick whatever control scheme you’re comfortable with.” For some people, they like using arcade sticks. For others, they like using controllers. Some people like hitboxes or keyboards. Use whatever you want that’s tourney legal and allows you to execute at your best.

Stop giving bad advice.

So, why does the shortcut work if so many people are saying it doesn’t work? Everyone in my circle of friends uses it as well. I know for sure I am not the only person who does. I am confused.


Did you read the link I posted? It doesn’t actually work. They’re hitting a third input in the process of massing df, df. Df, d, df is all around much better if you want to go for a shortcut. It both keeps you in a crouching position so it’s easier to hit a really deep dp, and it’s also useful for comboing into a dp from a crouching position.

In general, I’d just learn the proper motion (f, d, df). It’s more useful in a large variety of games.

I made this mistake too… It doesn’t work. After persisting that it does… I went into training mode… 10 minutes, trying :df::df:+:p: and I couldn’t get it to work. The only times it came out was when I accidentally did something like, :df::d::df:+:p: or something like that… :df::df:+:p: doesn’t work, and I’m not sure why I ever thought it does… or why anyone ever thought it does.

You know what DOES work, and I have no fucking idea why…

No clue…

Because the game has a bunch of weird shortcuts for DP that aren’t necessary in the slightest.

By asking this question, you may have infact answered your original question.


Sloppy inputs.