Problem with Street Fighter SE Stick Buttons


I opened my SE Stick from Madcatz, to change the arts. When i remove the buttons conectors, some of then was stickied to buttons, so, i broke 2 of them for that.

I buyed new sanwa buttons, and i know how to change it, but i need to know one thing:

The stickied connectors, are already sticked. So, that connectors seems to be common electricity connectors, so, if i cant pull off them from the broken buttons, i will need to cut the wire and put a new connector.

Is that right? I think that connectors are only electric, not data, right?

Excuse me for my bad english, im from Spain and i dont see any information about that in my countrys forums. I dont know well about the correct words in english of that connectors .

Thanks for all.

Yes, you can just cut the wire and put on new connectors.
We call them Quick Disconnect.

I don’t know what they are called in Spain.
But you will need them in .110" (2.79mm) size.

I had the same Problem when I was changing my buttons.
( I use Seimitsu clear buttons :wink: )
Two of my stock buttons broke but I was able to get the connectors of the button.
But I have to say that it’s really hard to pull these off.
There was just one connector that was easy to remove =/
But finally I have new buttons and it’s a Huge difference :wgrin:

Thank you very much, jdm714, im glad to hear that.

In Spain we call it “Conector rapido”, that is exactly the same that the words in english.

Once again, thank you for your quick answer.