Problem with TE's RT button


My TE’s RT button likes to stop working every once in a while. It sometimes stops right when I start playing and sometimes after a long session. I heard this is fairly common. What can I do to resolve this issue?


sound like the cable isnt seated entirely.

you can open it up from the top and make sure its on all the way, this voids your warranty though.


This is incorrect.

Thing is, there is no known fix for the RT LT problem. The only 100% workaround is to open it up and move the wires around so the fierce is LB and roundhouse is RB, like the MvC2 TE’s are laid out.


i wrapped my pcb in electrical tape and that seemed to help it.


Have the button failed on you yet? I might try if it really works.

Anyone know if Madcatz can fix it? I’m still under warranty.


lol call madcatz they will replace the pcb…
wrapping the pcb in electrical tape?.. for some reason (probably the beer) I swore I heard something about wrapping a pcb in a coloring book to help it work… yea probably was the beer… sorry… long story…
call madcatz they will send you a new pcb


So… I bought this stick with that Gameshark store buy 1 get 1 free promo they were running a bit back. I was planning on selling the other one but since this one was defective I opened that one up and before an hour of play the RT/LT buttons died on me. Now I gotta send Madcatz two sticks? Bullshit. How’d they get away with making such defective products? Anyways yeah I guess I’ll just call them up.


It seems the TE sticks made people forget about Madcatz’s reputation prior. Though in your case, I just think that’s incredibly bad luck.


it’s not bad luck, it happens a lot among the 360 sticks.
it just happens. you can try to self remedy or call madcatz and have them send you a new pcb.


I had this happen to me two days ago playing sim for the first time. At first I was like whoa Sim doesn’t have RH, but then I programmed every button on the start screen and chose high kick and every button worked except for RT LT so I might have to open it up and change my fierce to be LB and RB to be roundhouse


Think you can point me in the direction of a self remedy and a tutorial on how to replace the pcb?


Just got a replacement PCB. Anyone got a guide for replacing it?


I don’t have a TE or pictures to show, but in short, unscrew old PCB, disconnect all of the wire harnesses, and plug them back in place where they were. Desolder USB from PCB, solder it back onto new PCB.