Problem with the FGW Led controller?


Hey guys I’m having trouble with the FGW Led Controller. I purchased this thing a while ago and decided recently to put it together and install.

The problem I’m having is there seems to be a short in circuitry for the light up ball top portion. Seems like there is a short between Up and Down. No matter If I press Up or Down on the joystick I always get up. If I detach Up the from the FGW Led Controller everything works fine. After doing a bit of research it seems that the 6 pin resistor array is the problem. Help Troubleshooting Toodles FGWidget LED Controller Kit

The creator of the circuitry Toodles mentions that the if you have a 6 pin resistor array ending with the numbers 61151 that the resistor array is incorrect. Mine is CTSK081761151P It is also black not yellow(I believe the good ones are yellow) I sent a PM to the toodles but no answer. I’m sure I don’t really need the correct resistor array from him anyway. I’m planning on adding a series of resistors there for each of the three pairs.

I measured the resistance for the good resistor arrays on the board and I get resistance values that add up to 148.7 ohms for a pair on the left side and 149.1 ohms for a pair on the right side. So I guess I’ll just add 3 150 ohm resistors for the 6 pin resistor array.

Before I step forward and do this I just wanted to make sure I’m not mucking anything up and that my assumptions are correct. This board looks pretty simple so I’m guessing it’s fine. Thoughts?