Problem with the marketplace


Hi guys,i hope to have create the topic in the right section.i need help…when i go to buy the game (european marketplace) it doesn’t appear the option to purchase it for 1200 mp but only to download the demo; if i download it and then i try to buy the full game it appears the error 800700E8.I thought it was my problem but my friend can’t see the purchase for 1200 and like me he sees only the demo to download.Can anyone help me?? thanks a lot


You wouldn’t happen to be an eskimo would you? The game prevents eskimos from accessing the info contained therein because it might destabilize their already fragile eco system.


i’m not eskimo lol i’m reading on the net that maybe microsoft removed 3s from the marketplace


Pretty sure you’re just an Eskimo.


The best place to ask would be Capcom Unity Europe, if they have forums for you guys too.


East European Eskimo that learned English from watching Borat.


What’s happening vanilla face?


maybe try making a diff region account. make a US or NA account and try? you should be able to buy a card of live points and put that on the account to buy it with.

only thing i can think of.