Problem with TvC Fight Stick + Wii Classic Controller to USB on PS3


My friend has a TvC Fight Stick and he hates using pad so I showed him the Mayflash Wii to USB item and he said it doesn’t work on PS3 (I thought it did?) He said the problem is the buttons aren’t mapped correctly. Here’s the stick:

Here’s the Wii to USB:

Any idea on how to fix it? Thanks!


There is no actual fix. the ZL and ZR buttons do no respond and there no Home button.
Other than that the adapter works fine, I suggest is a PCB swap or buy a stick thats meant for your system


I have it and it works fine. Get your learn on Mayflash Wii Classic Controller to PC USB Adapter add these babies in white to resolve the button issue, swap buttons . 8 button is dick anyway.


Thanks guys he fixed it :slight_smile: mods delete thread please