Problem with unscrewing Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT-SK balltop


Hello guys,

I’m currently trying to replace the plexi on my Qanba Q4RAF. So far I’ve managed to unscrew all the plates, but I’m now supposed to unscrew the balltop from the joystick. The problem is that it seems to be stuck, and I don’t know how much force I want to use. (Wouldn’t want to break the whole thing)
Every video guide where you see someone unscrewing the balltop makes it looks so easy, but I just can’t get the screw to open up at all, and I even tried having my girlfriend help me lol.

Any tips on how to do it smoothly? I didn’t think I’d get stuck on a problem like this…


It might seems like a stupid question, but did you use a flat screwdriver? First, remove the bottom plate, it has 8 screws (not those from the foot). On the bottom of the shaft (accessible from the bottom), you will see a flat screw. Simply use the screwdriver to hold the shaft and then unscrew the balltop.


Yes I’m using a big flat screwdriver. I’ve searched for several video guides and they all do it the same way. I’ve now removed the plates, even the buttons etc so it’s only the joystick that is still attached before I can remove the whole thing. Picture:


Okay we finally managed to unscrew the ball top. 1 man 1 girl 1 latex glove, lots of force and a few scratches here and there were required to get the ball off. >_>


Quite strange, I have a Q4 myself and it was super easy to remove the first time I tried.