Problem with Xbox Live and SFIII:TS

I managed to find a copy of Third Strike and was looking forward to getting online to get my ass handed to me but although the game works fine in my 360 it will not allow me to access Xbox Live, I get a message asking to update and comply with this but then get told that my monitor/cables do not support this mode.

Any ideas? I connect my Xbox 360 to a 24" Widescreen Monitor using a VGA Cable.

Have you tried connecting it without the VGA cabler (just standard composite video) to see if it works?

should not make a different I use vga on my 360 and I play 3s

Error when I try and apply the update for Xbox Live states

“The VGA HD AV cable does not support the PAL-50 setting required by this game. Connect the composite connector of your cable or use the Advanced SCART or Composite HD AV cable”

Would appear you have to update the xbox live on a normal none VGA setup before it will allow you to connect via VGA, mine is working fine now but thanks for the input guys, helped figure out what was wrong.