Probleme controller


Hi guys, i bought SSF4 AE, and i play it with a pc controller not a xbox one, so i can play to versus, training and online mode, but when i go to arcade mode i can choose the character, but it does not work even with keyboard…but if i press on start it makes me choose another character… do you have an idea for this probleme?
sorry for my english ^^ and thanks in advance!




Did you at any time went to unplug the controllers?


yes i did, but nothing to do…if i press on start it appears " a new challenger ***" forgot the next^^


The game controls will not work if you try to attach or remove controls once the game already starts


yes i know, i dont do it in game, i mean i tried to switch usb slot but i do it all time when i close the game… the things that i dont understand is why the controller work fine in online and training mode, but dont on arcade… i didnt had this probleme on the ssf4 few years ago^^


last up ^^
we are a lot on steam with the same probleme xD so all our hope are on you xD


So when did I became the Obi-Wan Kenobi of SRK Tech Talk?

Problem here is I don’t have the PC version. I can only go on so much of my own computer experience before I have to try out the game in question.
And I got the PS3 version so there little reason to get the PC version

I did find the following
Street fighter ae pc controller problems


From now on :smiley:

i managed to resolve a part of this probleme with your help .
Thank you ^^