Probleme with the Xbox360 pcb

Hi all I’m new on the forum and here’s my problem…
I want to make my arcade stick for my Xbox360 and I work on the official early pcb

But when I connect even only one wire on the move buttons of the pcb and connect it(the pcb) to the xbox 360 my character jump automatically and frequently, I don’t touch the pcb or anything but it do it alone! I’ve try to put 4.7k resistor on the stick but it still do it so I tried to put two of them and it still do it to but the difference is the spaces between the “jump” (on SFIV) more there is resistor more they are spaced, I’ve stoped adding resistor at 3 per point(so 12 on the stick)

the “jump” are not regular.

So if anyone could help me…

Are you trying to hack the d-pad or one of the analog sticks?