Problems against Yun

I have a friend who plays Yun (yes, I know you’re reading this :D) and he likes to dive kick a LOT. Short of parrying, what options does Makoto have in the corner against a good mixup-Yun? Any moves which will stuff his dive kicks?

c.RH i think works
and a meaty i think works as well… i just parry the dive kick and kick/karakusa depending how deep he dive kicked…

use SAI against Yun… if you wanna hit him with a Raw SAI, nothing is better than parrying a dive kick and hititng him with it… or just hitting him with it on his way down… or whne he has SAIII activated… just reversal into SAI hahhah

i usually just parry his dive kick, jab, then dash, which crosses under, karakusa or whatever you want to do

its a shitty situation when u play vs yun…

-anytime u see dive kick, jumpmin roundhouse or forward will stop them

-yun’s shoulder tackle goes unduer c.forward

-makoto’s easy to juggle, so anytime he lands SA3 on u, say goodbye to at least 40%

-keeping him on the ground is key to beating him. the more he flies around, especially if your in the corner, the worse it is for you

-if hes in SA3, there are instances when you can stuff him w/ c.forward. but be cautious about doing it

Problem is that there isn’t NEARLY enough time to pull out a c.RH and mk won’t hit him when he’s on top of me. Well… I guess parrying is the way to go… freaking twin… :mad: :slight_smile:

Yun shouldnt be too hard for Makoto. just wait till your friend starts losing and switches to ken. THEN you’ll REALLY cry.

Believe me, I have another friend who plays Ken… a pain in the ass… he has incredible reflexes… he DPs my dash >__<

yeah, well dont tell him that eats up Makoto, then you’ll have REAL problems…

for Ken and Yun, i prefer using SAI… you cant really karakusa them, so its better to just do big damage quickly… try not to get cornered when against Ken or Yun… Makoto is most dangerous when out in the open, or when she has her opponent cornered (thats like… OH NO)…

Yun is hard because he is all over the place, and its hard for makoto to follow him.

Ken however can get owned off of one karakusa in the right place if you land that stun combo.

If you wanna stop his dive kicking, punish it brutally by either parrying or counter throw that falling short divekick into throw.

Standing short will trade/beat same with crouching MK.

After parrying a divekick you have tons of options:
st.FP (if he is high in the air enoug) > cancel Hayate dash in mixup.
st.JP (always works) Dash under 3 way guessing game.
Good old throw =).

Also, if he jumps obviously and too much, counter jumping roundhouse.

stopping divekick is dependent in where he is in the screen

if hes up close to you and your not keepin him grounded with your priority, then he pretty much as free reign to dive kick without interruption… i usually go for parry straight into kara. be wary of short divekicks into watever though

if hes farther than things get much easier. jumping roundhouse that shit and make him sorry for going for divekick

Something he likes to do sj. mk… stuffs my j.rh… (at least it’s out way faster)… what are my options?

Thnx for the other stuff btw :cool:

nothing stuffs j.rh. on your way up, press RH so when you are at your peak you will have the j.rh out… it will stuff him all the time. dont press it when you are at your peak and he is there with you… his kick comes out faster.

Also don’t forget, if you parry that divekick (and even if you don’t) your good friend from the other thread - the EX DP - hits Yun straight out of it. Also if you block his close s.Fwd and he superjumps, be ready to DP or EX DP depending on which way he went.

Mike Z