Problems connecting to friends on PSN

Not sure if this is the right place for this, and I’m sorry if this is seen as a junk thread. I’ve always been able to connect to random people in SSFIV and MvC3 online, but when trying to play my friend in Colorado (I’m in Louisiana), we can’t seem to get it to work ever. What’s going on? Is this typical? We’re just very perplexed as to how we’re unable to play each other at college :confused:
I appreciate help in advance, and of course I can supply additional info.

Marvel vs Capcom 3 is an issue. Also, are you guys running on a router? Sometimes a router could blocked connection between you two players.

I can’t seem to connect with some friends unless they host for us. Then, we can play.

I suggest you buy a D-Link.

The problem is we’re both in college so we have to use the wireless they provide for our dorms.

Then, the router has an encrypted firewall.

I’m actually using an ethernet cable… does that change anything?

I use ethernet cable and my connection is gdlk

ummm yay. haha how does this help me though? my connection is normally gdlk with my cable until i try to play the one person i actually WANT to play

Even if you’re using an Ethernet, they’re running am encrypted router that doesn’t allow the same IP to connect. It’s like me trying to play my own brother in the same room. We can’t. You have to port forward just to play against each other. However, they fix that issue. However, you’re in a school with +++ Firewall encrypted. Only way is for someone to host and you guys can play each other.

I’m so confused… thanks though. I’ll do some research I guess.

I’ll make this clear and hopefully you’ll understand how a connection works.

You cannot play against each other if you have the same IP. It’s going to bounce back. Even if your IP has 2-3 digits different. It’s the same IP. I assume you guys can play other games perfectly? However, since fighting games uses peer 2 peer connection. You must have a whole different IP in order to play.

Your IP will be more likely 192.168.101 and his will be 192.168.102. However, you’re still using the same IP that the school provides which will be a 294.29.24 (an example). I tried it with PC and it doesn’t work… I tried it with console, it doesn’t work often. However, they did a patch where you can play with your own friend(s), families if you’re using the same connection.

However, in some cases, if a router blocks services (PSN connection). You are more likely unable to play against each other unless someone host for you guys to play. School uses a firewall which blocks a lot of peer to peer connection.

I tried this at a school campus and we weren’t able to play till we got home.

Okay, I totally get this now. Thanks very much. Sorry for being technologically retarded

No one is calling you technologically retarded to begin with. With that said, this thread is now closed.