Problems connecting

I’m having problems connecting to GodWeapon’s and other servers today, anyone else having this issue?

Yeah. I can’t connect to GodWeapon either.

Server’s down. It happens sometimes.
Most people wander over to DaRoms or Anti3D when it happens.
Beware though, LAN doesn’t work properly on those servers, and they have ghosting and other issues since they’re using the old Emulinker software instead of Supra’s EmulinkerSF.

Where the hell is everyone going now that GodWeapon is down?

DaRoms seems to be down too, or at least, I can’t connect to it.

Anti3d is empty.

I’m at Emularena. It’s in NYC so I have 0 ms. :open_mouth: Everyone come play here.

DaRoms moved. Emularena isn’t too great from my experience. Aside from suffering from the same emulinker issues as the above servers, it always skips a lot for me, even at like 15ms.

Im at Darom’s chicago server

Ok, Ill go there. Can someone give me the IP?

i like daroms chi better, 16 ping there

GodWeapon back up. Was under going maintenance:

Hey… just a suggestion, since GW is the server of choice for most 3s players using kaillera, perhaps you can announce maintenance schedule.

Wasn’t my choice, the ACTUAL server was down.