Problems dashing after crouching

Okay so im having problems dashing after the machine gun upper, or just after regular crouching in general.
When i go from db to dash, the dash never comes out. However when i push forward three times the dash always comes out.
What would be the exact input to dash after crouching? Ive seen most of the tutorials and it doesnt really address my problem…
Thx fellow sobats

You might find help in the dash ultra thread.

You’re probably dashing too early.

im saying that whenever i try do the regular dash ultra (not after the machine gun upper) the dash wont even come out when im crouching. so im a bit confused why its not coming out…

maybe ill try slipping the stick into neutral before dashing…

This is what you need to do. Been that way since Super.

I had the same problem in Super. After about a year of trying, I finaly realize that my joystick was fucked up. I went into my closet and tried on my old beat up stick then…shazaaam…I could finaly db and dash. ALL OF THOSE WASTED HOURS!!! :’-(

So I subscribe to your replays, and not that this is the forum for it, but how did you get so nice?! I wish I could be that good, but mess up regularly smh…

I can do the dash marginally, but not consistently. I think I’m gonna give up in SF for awhile. That ish has me up-set.

1000’s and 1000’s of games

What kind of stick was the one that was broken Da Knut?

I’ve been experimenting w/ all types of grips to be able to dash after DB. I don’t know if my execution is booty or if I should try another stick. I use a Hori EX-SE w/ Square Gate. I’m debating on trying a TE w/ the octagonal. Hmm.

On my MC TE I can’t db dash foward. With my SE I can.

I can’t db dash foward on the right side with me TE.

You can hack it by doing QCF, QCF tap FA

The stick must go to neutral first. It sucks to see the -> -> on the commands, and the dash not come out…

I like to mash the buttons to much to be able to do this crap…I tap the punch buttons like I’m having an orgasim everytime I hit machingunupper.

What Dhalsim has when he hits U1 into Super.