Problems doing Final Fight chain without a Boost chain coming out?



Hi, Is their any way for Guy to consistently do his Bushin/Final Fight chain without accidently doing a Boost chain instead ?. Half the time I get a boost chain when I don’t want one, like tagging back in my almost dead partner who has now lost all his red life :-(, or wanting to tag him in to save my ass but getting the regular Final Fight chain. Does anyone know what differentiates them ?, Im just doing it the same way I do it in SSF4. Thanks in advance.


Try doing the inputs more slowly, you may be pressing certain buttons to quickly or pressing them more than once for example, you may be doing: LP>MP>HP>HP>HK or HP>HK>HK and getting the launch instead. the best way to do it is to time the hits and press them one at a time in the correct spots, this should remove the problem your having.


Thanks, just spent a few minutes in training, seems if you hit fierce more then once during the chain you will get a boost combo when you press roundhouse. Bad habit I picked up from playing SSF4 online, I found I would drop Final Fight chains if the connection suddenly lagged in the middle of a one, so Id double or triple tap each one to make sure it came out. Looks like I have to unlearn that for this game.


Also going immediately from hit confirms without linking into bushin chain causes boost combos.